Entry-Level Positions for Recent Graduates

Bartlett offers a variety of internship opportunities to help students gain real-life industry experience.

graduate worker

Grain Merchandising Trainee

Bartlett is looking for highly motivated candidates interested in working in a fast-paced environment. You must possess strong analytical and communication skills and be able to adapt in an ever-changing environment.

This position will have a primary focus on grain origination along with the transportation and logistics of moving grain from one location to another by truck and railcar. Bartlett is looking for individuals who have demonstrated the attitude, aptitude, and work ethic to succeed in their previous experiences.

Grain Elevator Operations Management Trainee

Grain elevator operations trainees focus on learning how to manage a high-volume grain handling facility with multiple products and services.

The initial assignment will be at any of our country elevator or terminal elevator locations. The actual location is dependent on a variety of factors such as staffing needs, construction projects, and grain movement activity.

An interest in agriculture along with a mechanical aptitude is key to the success of the candidate.

Flour Milling Operations Trainee

Milling operations trainees gain hands-on experience in aspects of flour milling, including receiving, storing, and evaluating wheat, monitoring flow and quality throughout the milling process, shipping finished product, quality control, and equipment maintenance.

The long-term goal for candidates we hire is to become supervisors and managers of one of our flour mills after spending time as millers. We find candidates with mechanical aptitude and a bachelor’s degree in milling science to be most effective, but candidates with other agriculture-related degrees may be considered if they have relevant experience in the milling industry.