Bartlett Internships

Bartlett offers a variety of internship opportunities to help students gain real-life industry experience.

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Bartlett Education Assistance Program (BEAP)

Bartlett interns enjoy a competitive wage and are eligible for the Bartlett Education Assistance Program (BEAP). This program allows interns to earn $2 tax-free tuition reimbursement for every hour they work. This tuition reimbursement is applied towards classes taken during the semester you work for Bartlett or the semester following your work with the company.

We’ll pay you the lesser of $2 tax free for every hour you worked or the tuition you paid. To be eligible, you must:

  • Work at least 160 hours
  • Successfully complete your coursework the following semester by earning a 2.00 GPA or better
  • Provide proof of payment for tuition enrollment and a grade report

Internship Opportunities

Grain Merchandising

A grain merchandising internship with Bartlett is an opportunity to learn about moving grain from a producer to a processor or to export. Some of the things you may experience include:

  • Grain purchases, contract, and settlements
  • How customer service is key to grain origination
  • Basics of documentation: contract balances, storage balances, and pricing information
  • Introduction to grain basis trading and risk management

Flour Milling Operations

Flour milling internships are reserved for candidates pursuing a career in the milling industry. During this internship with Bartlett, you will gain experience in all departments of a flour mill. You will work side-by-side with nearly every type of position in the mill, learning the details of producing excellent flour per customer specifications.

Grain Elevator Projects Engineering

An ideal candidate for the grain elevator engineering projects internship has experience and understanding of grain elevator operations and maintenance. We prefer a student that is working towards a bachelor’s degree in agriculture technology management or agricultural engineering. A grain elevator engineering projects intern will assist our projects group on current projects at Bartlett facilities. Travel is a requirement for the position. The successful candidate must possess the following skills:

  • Basic knowledge of metal layout, metal fabrication, gear boxes, drive systems, bearings, couplers, and belts
  • Welding and cutting torch abilities

Interns will gain experience with the above skills as well as OSHA safety training.