Renewable Fuels

Bartlett provides a full suite of origination, logistics, and risk management services for feedstocks and renewable fuels facilities. We thoroughly understand market drivers and react quickly to dynamic market trends with best-in-class Customer advocacy.

Worry-Free Feedstock

Bartlett’s rich history provides over a decade of experience in buying and selling feedstock via all transportation and risk profiles. Our team has expertise in every facet of the trade, including low carbon intensity (CI) feedstocks and soybean oil (SBO). We’ll lend our expertise to:

  • Originate the lowest-priced product for Customers
  • Manage rail logistics daily to optimize arrival/departures and avoid demurrage
  • Manage market risk in all facets of the supply chain

Bartlett Renewable Fuels Projects

Bartlett is directly connected to, and active in, renewable fuel feedstock markets. With origin and destination supply agreements, we can help maximize value in your supply chain leveraging Bartlett visibility across the entire market.

With the addition of our soybean crushing plant in Southeast Kansas, Bartlett will also be a producer of renewable feedstock to help facilitate the growing renewable fuels market.

Bartlett, a Savage Company

Our work in the renewable markets does not stop at the refinery. As a Savage-owned company, we seamlessly pass on feedstock to the Savage operations team for transportation and materials handling to destination markets. From feedstock to finished fuel distribution, Savage provides a comprehensive suite of services to help Customers Feed the World, Power Our Lives, and Sustain the Planet.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you in your renewable fuels efforts.