Cherryvale Soybean Processing Facility

Now Accepting Soybeans

Bartlett’s new soybean processing plant in Cherryvale, Kansas is now accepting soybeans.

These soybeans will plan an integral role in providing nutrition and sustainability to Feed the World, Power Our Lives, and Sustain the Planet.

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Sustainable Soy Products Available in September

Sustainable soy products, including soybean meal, pelletized hulls, renewable fuel feedstock (CDSBO & RB oil), and RBD food-grade soybean oil will be available September 2024.

Contact us to learn more about soybean processing and product availability.

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Find Employment with the Cherryvale Processing Facility

The Bartlett processing plan will bring 50 permanent jobs to Montgomery County and the community. We’re looking to hire operations, lab, and maintenance personnel, as well as supervisory positions.

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